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Austin A135 Princess

Production year: 1954

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1954 Austin A135 Princess. Short wheelbase. Only made 350 of this short ones.

It is a original not restored car. All original innside and the original paint exept the sunroof and the lover rear hatch for sparewheel. They are repainted 2 year ago

I found the car in a garage for 3 year ago. Non runner. I have put on new brakecylinders and hoses and rebuildt the master cylinder. I have repaired the electrical system and changed from 2stk 6v battery in serie to 2 stk 12v battery in paralell. I made a new exhaust system. Changed clutch and the front bearing in the transmission and sealing in the back of the transmission. Changed sealing on the pinion and front right wheelhub. I have rebuildt te front shockabsorbers with new bushings and sealings. Put on a new electrickal fuelpump and filter. Repaired the fueltank ad changed filler hoses and breather hoses. Repaired the gear lever, the dynamo, and headlights. The headlights has new holders for the light bulbs. Repaired the turnsignal and made a new parts for the wipermotor mounts. I put on 2 new tires in front. They are from 2012, but not used before. I have made new bushings for the secondary steering joint in front suspension and put on new bumpstop on full travel on the suspension. I put in new ignition svitch and new vipermotor svitsh. Reparired 2 cracks in the wooden dash. The instrument was sendt to UK last summer to a overhaul and adjustment. The hood ornament flying A is new. Rear shockabsorbers has got a service and new shockabsorber oil. The startermotor has new brushes. The windovwasher system has new hoses. The seat frame has been repaired. The airfiltermounts are new and the breather hose is new.

All this the done in 2015. The car is been used as a weddingcar for 2 years now and it works very well.

The only thing that is not working is the Jackall system. It has a hydraulick pump that runns 4 cylinders under and lift the car up when a tire is needed to change. This leaks oil. There are no parts to find for this system, but I have collected 4 used cylinders and had a plan of restoring this cylinders.

The care is in very good original shape. The seats and the innside is untouch and all original. Even the original carpets.The paint have several places that it has been polished trough, but it is still the original paint.

PRICE: 12 400 EUR