Get profit from your first deal

Become a classic car broker

Features and benefits

  • You can work just 1 hour a day or even less

  • You create an additional income channel

  • 90% it is an online business

  • You earn a good profit from the first deal

  • No need for money investment

  • Special knowledge about classic cars is not needed

  • Does not need space in your garage or anywhere

  • You meet very interesting, sometimes extraordinary people

  • This can be your hobby or main work

  • No age restrictions

  • Knowing a foreign language is not necessary

  • Possibility to travel, if you wish

  • You make people happy

  • Fun

When was the last time when you sold a car

while traveling with your family?

Your resources

This earning method is for anyone

What will you get after reading my tutorial book?

You will create a new way of income, that requires
from 15 min daily of your time.

How much time do you need daily?

You can start with just 15 minutes a day. But we both know, that the more time you invest better results and the faster you get.

How much you can earn?

You can earn from 1000 to 30 000 eur (from my experience) per one deal. The average profit is 1000-3500 eur per deal. Other people work hard 8 hours each day to get the same money or even less. And you can earn it while drinking your morning coffee.

New profession or hobby?

You will be able to find cars for sale, deal with the owners, advertise the car, get a buyer, close the deal, and care for transportation. Is it a hobby or profession, you decide. In any case you will creat new way of income.

Covid-19 changed
the rules?

You will find out how Covid-19 changed the procedure of buying classic cars and how this opens new possibilities for classic car brokers.

Is special knowledge needed?

Probably you think that to sell a classic car you must know all history of this model, all the details, some special information. What if I tell you that you should not know a lot about the car to sell it? I will tell you more in the book tutorial.

Life is long

The knowledge that you get from me will be always useful. You can use this income method all your life. I use it since 2008 and continue doing it.

Where to get clients?

First, let's understand who is our clients. Each car has 2 clients for me: seller and buyer. So how do we find each of them? I will tell you more...

Private community

We will build a community of classic car brokers. Everyone can share his experience, ask questions, get friends and business partners, as it will be the network of brokers who help each other to sell cars.

I want to become
a classic car broker