Vehicles wanted

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Tatra 77 wanted
Tatra 97 wanted
Tatra 87 wanted
Tatra 600 wanted
Tatra 603-1 wanted
Tatra 603-2 wanted
VW Golf Rallye wanted.
Fiat 130 Coupe wanted.
Maserati Quattroporte 1963-1969 wanted.
Desoto Firedome project wanted.
GAZ 23 wanted.
GAZ 24-24 wanted. Куплю ГАЗ 24-24.
GAZ 24-34 wanted. Куплю ГАЗ 24-34.
GAZ 31013 wanted. Куплю ГАЗ 31013.
Aston Martin DB6 LHD Volante project wanted.
Jaguar E-type 1 Roadster project wanted.

Horch wanted
Prewar Audi wanted, especially 920
Wanderer W25K wanted
Mercedes 230 W143 wanted
Bentley, Rolls-Royce 1950-60 wanted
Military and civil vehicles 1938-1945 wanted
Framo Piccolo / Framo Stromer wanted
BMW Dixi (DA1 Tourer or Ihle 600) wanted
DKW F5 roadster wanted
Military FIAT 508 wanted
Military DKW wanted
WW2 Tatra waned
Military Volkswagen KDF 87, 82E 1939-1944 wanted